Thursday, December 14, 2006

14th December 2006

Hey all,

I know there's no one there in particular but im just going to indulge myself.

Welcome to the corporate cross roads, DO I WALK THE COMMERCIAL, FAGGOT INFESTED, SHARK IN SUITS, PLASTIC SMILED path? Or do the antithesis of flinging myself into the unknown.

Only God Knows.

I hate my existence but it is this existence that defines me. Deducting from that, I hate myself. Naturally perhaps at first but I make myslef believe that I hate myself. I don't really hate myself but I hate the scenarios my person put myself in

I hate this routine of work and non-exixtent personal space. I want to breathe, I want to sigh without having to look behind my shoulders and creep about like a fucking rat.

I want to wake up knowing I love what my mind and soul will have to be doing.

A tin solder I am,
Sprung and wound

BTW, my new cell mate is all upbeat and nice. Pretty refreshing to see someone who deosn't look like their balls just fell off.

14th December 2006 it is!

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