Monday, February 21, 2005

The Beginnings Of Ends

Hey there,
Its 3.24am now and I'm ravaged and Bollocked....hmmm I wonder how is it that I am actually typing this shit out in the daylight...the answer me, myself and I is that there is an inherent change in my mental health. It seems to have dipped a fair bit and chooses the path of most resistance. Viva' revolution! I hear the heretic in me scream......haha.....if only I could shoot him.

It seems that this change is and was a form of come know what I mean....I've evolved into a somewhat emotion-packed rat....scurrying around for bits of emotional scrap. My moods teeter on insanity...I seem to have a constant infatuation for slit throats and smoking entry wounds nowadays....Its wondrous I tell you....Its a thousand fucks balancing on the very edge of my blade that I inately find gravitating at my wrist......hmmmmm.....I wonder, gentle and gentile reader...which way would my blood spurt? Hope it doesn't hit me in the eye, its going to sure as hell hurt....haha...the irony

A point to note....anal sex is something of a contradictory forbidden and so so enjoy, my innocent and innocous reader. A very close friend of mine should know..Snicker!
I recently made this person be technical...this person's tear ducts should have an all out-blanket ban on me....Wondrous I tell you....Sex, Blood and've got a classic there.
ARGH!...get me a gun, I want to shoot every offending finger of mine. They seem to have a will of their own. I think I should shoot them all off and then get pseudo-magic fingers from the ministry of health......It'll impress the babes for, my fingers and my pseudo fingers.
We could get on Letterman.....haha....

Jealousy is a poison, Eat it.......