Tuesday, January 11, 2005

A Figurative Outline Of The Greater You

I'm fighting the urge to throw up, I'm crying to hold you up
The memory of your betrayal carries forth the tears,
I scream out why, I withold my sighs
I watch the beating motion of a dying bird
Blood colours the virgin white sheets
Fear covers my heaving black feet
Shivering yet not cold, my thoughts refuse to flow
I carry this wooden stake for you to bury it into my weak and breaking heart
The sound it makes shatters the silence of an unconditional trust.
I scream out why as my lungs shatter, I cry out tears as my eyes collapse
A thousand leeches hungers, A thousand snakes sleeping in wonder,
Oh Cracked and scared, vile with my bile
I present my broken heart ripped out of my gaping chest
Only to have you laugh and mirth,
It matters not to you as I lay there convulsing and spasm wrecked
I let these wounds hurt me to sleep
To wake up with a start,
To wake up to a figurative outline of a greater you.