Monday, September 05, 2005

And You Thought Dying Was Easy?


Its been some time eh? Yeah, shit happens over and over again till it shit no more. It has been a truly testing period so far, guess what? It gets worse. Thoughtful and hopeless at the same time, contradiction walks such a fine line that it ceases to exist in my life. I live because of hope and yet I hope that my hope just shrivels up and die like a dry peach on a tanning bed turned up high. I can't even struggle with the concept of contentment now as I already choose to associate disappointment with contentment.I'm contented with disappoinment and a sense of loss because they are at least a constant. That really initiates contentment in me.
Why can't contentment be constant? Okay!! Maybe everyone has to suffer once, then with the idea of contentment learned we could proceed to constant contentment.

Seen the weather recently? With the haze and shit...crazy killer heat waves, Its hell in Malaysia. HaHa....serves us right for being subservient to Indonesia, another country with a skewed sense of identity and priorities. The same bloodstock seems to imbue its horrid qualitites on the indigenous population both here and Indonesia. But wait a sec, they are the same people. HaHa.. The difference here however is the indigenous people here self declare they're abilities and yet rely on racist policies to achieve they're ends. They parasite off the land and other races unfortunate enough to share the country.Their counterparts in Indonesia are no better and just happen to be a brutish and incompetent branch off the rest of the bloodstock. Steal, Destroy and Kill....Satan's minions no less. I share my country with this stock of sub-moral and self-serving clown of a race. Extremism and fanatism can only abide in people of no self-worth and respect. Sigh, one more worry in the world!