Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The blood in my mouth is YOURS!

I’m at a crossroads where both choices branch out to a million possibilities,
It’s like every choice is an alternative, every step dripping with what if pains
I cannot see anymore, I’m swimming backwards against the currents
I’m stuck in a web of deceit mixed with sincerity and wrong choices,
I sleep and I wake and it makes no difference, Comfort and betrayal.
I want to make a change but the people around me refuse to see it.
I try to make a change but everyone wants me to change into what they perceive I should be or do.
I’m the living dead, not really dead, not wanting to be dead but not really wanting to live either.
The cards are stacked and edges edged with coated glass, and they are my hand.
I’m a single, I’m the different, I bleed just to be able to know this deck. I wear the same coat of arms.
The ashes I thought I’ve stamped out are actually in my heart, a sacrifice, one moment
Liability the next, how can you turn against me and I blink from the blood that drips.
I feel torn and raped by the crowd, my lungs fail to collapse, my heart still beats.
They are machines that prolong my torture, a chain for the chained.
Free me please, Stab me in the throat not behind my chest.
I want the see the eyes that betray me, hate me,
I want to see the eyes that are partly mine hate me; I want to watch the looks that are meant to kill me.
It was you that drowned me and then accused me of spitting bile.
I’ve got a gun and I’m going to smoke you with one bullet and then the other.
Give me this gun, I’ll let you stab me in the throat first and with my last semblance of consciousness, I’m going to pull that trigger that’s gonna blow you away.
It’s sad that our bone fragments and blood are alike. I would have not wanted it any other way.
Flies would die on contact with this tainted tainted poisonous bile of ours.
I so just want to make you cry, I so want to shake and die.
Songs of horror, watching you sing in the mirror, You hater, You Liar
Worthless and moping in the hole you dug yourself.
Spineless and lazy, you fucking maggot
I hate you for a reason and that reason is going to kill you someday.
Turn against me and I will destroy you, Oh, I fucking will
I will wipe that frown off the fucking face of the earth.
It never felt so good to destroy.
Come get it, I’ve got all the bullets I need to puncture your lungs and make You hear your leaking chest!
Come and die, and be destroyed


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Anonymous said...

hrmmm... why so much negative elements...

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